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Quadruple Witching

The name refers to the fact that four types of options were set to expire on Friday: stock-index futures, stock-index options, stock options and single stock futures. When futures contracts expire it is the final opportunity for the option holder to buy or sell (in the case of a call or put contract) otherwise known as taking delivery. The conventional wisdom holds that this sort of activity will boost market volume well above normal levels which will in turn intensify market volatility.

Today's “Quadruple Witching” looked more like an average Friday with the market largely undecided of which direction to head. All major US equity indexes finished the day higher but not by much. There was not much volatility even though the NASDAQ crossed the breakeven line no less than 13 times. This market may have been manic about its direction, but it was nothing worth of getting worked up over. Advancers outpaced decliners on the NYSE, and volume was health yet not extreme.


For the week, stocks finished with another nice weekly gain. It seems that the summer doldrums trumped the “witching” this time. Have a great weekend everybody, but perhaps most has already started theirs!

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Surfmao disse...

O que houve com o site do monitorinvestimento?

Seagull disse...


O site mudou de provedor há alguns meses.

Ele passou a ser hospedado na Ugabuga, que dispõe de muitos recursos e um suporte técnico bastante diferenciado.

Entretanto, ninguém está livre de problemas, e eles tiveram um grave em sua estrutura física. Apesar de toda dedicação e esforço de seus profissionais, o MI acabou ficando fora do ar por um tempo - enquanto o sistema era restabelecido.

Enfim, mesmo com esse contratempo, a Ugabuga - e toda sua equipe - continua contando com a nossa compreensão e confiança para que a parceria seja mantida e os laços reforçados.

Abs ^v^